Middleton, WI

Middleton, Wisconsin is located less than 10 miles away from Madison, Wisconsin. It is on the west side of the capital. The city has a number of terrific Homes in Middleton WI from which to purchase. The area has a rich history and there are many things to do in town.




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The first people who settled in Middleton were French explorers. The area was originally called the “City of Four Lakes.” Over time, Middleton grew and a number of businesses and people came to the area. During the Civil War, a home in Middleton was involved with the Underground Railroad. That home is the Stamm House. More information on this historic house is at https://www.stammhouserestaurant.com. In 1900, a huge fire destroyed a number of houses and businesses. The city rebounded and continued growth in business and housing. The downtown district received a revitalization in the 1980s. Today, the city of Middleton continues to be a vibrant community. Detailed information about the history of Middleton can be found at www.middletonhistory.org and at the official website of the town https://www.ci.middleton.wi.us/index.aspx?nid=126.


Parks and Recreation


Middleton has a great number of parks. A popular park in the summer is the Walter R. Bauman Aquatic Center. It has a couple of pools, waterslides, playground, food area and much more. In addition to this, the center gives swimming and diving lessons. There are many trails in and around Middleton for people to enjoy. There is a park for dogs called the Dog Exercise Park. During wintertime, there are skating rinks and cross country ski trails to use. In addition to this, there is a variety of sporting activities for men, women and children. A great resource for all these parks, activities and more are found here: https://www.ci.middleton.wi.us/index.aspx?NID=107.


Attractions and Activities

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There are many things to do in Middleton, Wisconsin. There are two farmers markets in town, which are open from May to October. The Middleton Train Deport & Museum bring residents and visitors back in time and show how the railroad was an important addition to the city. The Performing Arts Center in town has amazing shows and is a great place to experience creative art. The Capital Brewery in town offers residents and tourists an excellent choice of authentically brewed beer in the German tradition. For more information, phone numbers and websites about these activities and much more, go to https://visitmiddleton.com/do-and-see/attractions.



Middleton has beautiful scenery for hiking,camping, and other outdoor activities
One of the biggest events in Middleton is the Bockfest. This event is hosted by Capital Brewery. The Bockfest features a number of great tasting beers. In addition to this, the event has great food and music. People can watch the 1K race called the “Running of the Blondes.” Information on this nationally known event is found at https://www.capital-brewery.com/Bockfest.aspx. Additional information about Middleton and various events during the year is found here: https://visitmiddleton.com/events/event-calendar.

Middleton, Wisconsin is a fantastic place to live. For people who are considering Real Estate in Middleton WI will not be disappointed in living in town. It is the place to be with many things to do.

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