Sun Prairie, WI

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is located less than 20 miles northeast of Madison, Wisconsin. For folks who are looking at purchasing Real Estate in Sun Prairie WI, they will find some terrific places to purchase. In addition to this, they will find an excellent community to call home.




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The story of the name of Sun Prairie began when the President of the United States, Martin Van Buren, sent 45 men to construct the capital of Wisconsin in the city of Madison in 1837. As the group traveled in Wisconsin, it began to rain. The rain lasted for days until the group came to an edge of a prairie on which the sun was shining. It was the first time the group of men had seen the sun in a number of days. The words “Sun Prairie” was carved on a tree and the name has continued to this day. One of the men who were with the group that built the capital was Charles Bird. He was the first settler of Sun Prairie. More information about Sun Prairie can be found by contacting the Sun Prairie Historical Society. The phone number is 608-825-2583. A phone number for the Sun Prairie Historical Library & Museum is 608-837-2915.



Parks and Recreation


Sun Prairie has a number of parks that appeal to people of all ages. There are over 40 parks. A number of parks have walking and biking trails for people to enjoy. In the winter months, there are two hills which people can go sledding. There is a park for animals to enjoy called the Municipal Pet Exercise Area. In the summer, people can enjoy the Family Aquatic Center. People of all ages can enjoy the waterslides, swimming pools and much more. All of this information and more can be found by calling 608-837-3449.



Attractions and Activities

Sun Prairie has great culture

The community of Sun Prairie has many things to get involved with and things to do. The Angell Park Speedway treats people to some amazing races and displays the up and coming race drivers of tomorrow. Information on this is found at The Prairie Lakes Shopping Center, which is currently under construction, has a huge numerous shops, a movie theater and much more for families and individuals to enjoy. Additional information can be found at There is more information about activities in Sun Prairie at



Sun Prairie Soccer Club is a major attraction for the youth in Sun Prairie
One of the most popular events in Sun Prairie is the Sun Prairie Groundhog Day. The event is always on February 2. The residents and visitors of Sun Prairie get up early and meet behind the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce to see if Jimmy the Groundhog will see his shadow at 7:00 am. The event, which lasts for a good part of the day, includes food and various entertainers. More information is at 608-837-4547.

People who are considering Homes in Sun Prairie WI will find the decision to be much easier after they visit the community. The community has a lot to offer. Sun Prairie is a great place to live.

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